Our Vision

At Hui10 Inc, our vision is to unlock business opportunities through our digital payment platforms, helping connect our partners to omnichannel marketplaces generating additional revenue streams and maximising the power of data.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify and support businesses with protected IP, strong contracts with dominant stakeholders, and exclusive operating positions. We prioritise good corporate governance, transparency, and accountability to ensure long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Corporate Structure

Hui10 Inc is a Company incorporated in the Cayman Islands operating from its head office in Beijing, China. Hui10 is 100% owned by Intuitive Investments Group plc. IIG is an investment company, listed on the Specialised Funds Segment of the London Stock Exchange, which is a dedicated segment on the main board for specialised, closed-end investment funds.

IIG focuses on providing exposure to an investment portfolio concentrating on fast growing and/or high potential technology and life science businesses operating in the UK, Europe, US and APAC. Hui10 currently represents over 95% of the net asset value of IIG.


Frank Li Tong
Daniel V P Levine

Hui10 founders and senior management are based in London, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong 

Coming from a SAAS business, where we developed solutions and operated services for China Welfare Lottery on a nationwide basis since 2003, deploying hardware and software into over 62,000 licensed lottery shops in 14 provinces.

Developed and operated the national and provincial Welfare Lottery Loyalty Program and Hotline service, fielding over 100million user calls per year. 

Also involved in the continual development of regulations governing lottery in China.  As a consequence, we have a deep understanding of the policy makers thought processes and the government’s long-term strategy.

Senior Operations Management

Janelle Cao
Na Li
Yang Su
Tim Linglin Zhao
Lanxiang Zhen
Xueming Lu
Zhongyuan Fan
Jingping Zhang

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