Huishi Dehua - Transforming China’s Lottery Creating a Massive Digital Marketplace


Huishi Dehua (‘HD’) is a Platform as a Solution provider, headquartered in Beijing

HD has developed and deployed its proprietary technology platform, which complies with long term regulatory policy to bring lottery to the masses, our objective is to increase adult participation in China’s lottery to global average rates.

This will massively increase revenues for government and welfare projects across China.

  • Fact: in developed lottery markets around the world, the percentage of adults playing lottery, ranges from from 57% in USA to 74% in Spain, UK is 70%.
  • In these markets lottery can be purchased in all areas of regular daily consumer activity; supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol stations, EV charging stations, post offices, etc. It is also available to play online.
  • USA annual lottery sales: circa US$106Bn
  • UK annual lottery sales: circa US$9.9Bn
  • Fact: average adult participation rate in China is estimated to be 10%
  • In China lottery is only available in dedicated licensed lottery shops, paper ticket sales only, no other products or services sold in those shops. Currently there are only circa 175,000 shops attempting to serve an adult population of over 1 billion. Online play is illegal.  Lottery is not available in areas of regular daily consumer activity, resulting in user demographics being much narrower than the rest of the world.
  • China annual lottery sales: circa US$68Bn
  • Opportunity: of the 1.05 billion adults in China there are an estimated 400 million who would play the lottery if they had easy access to purchase tickets, representing circa $200 billion of additional lottery sales.
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