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Transforming the Lottery Sector in China

Through its proprietary PAAS, HD is driving the transformation of the Chinese lottery sector into a modern and sustainable mass market product, whilst supporting government’s mission statement, long term policy and complying with regulations

Simultaneously creating a massive digital marketplace and ecosystem for retailers, to transform their customer relationship into an interactive app-driven consumer experience

Consumer market in excess of 1bn adults, unlocked through rapid deployment of HD PAAS to upwards of 3m UnionPay POS terminals in retailers with regular daily consumer activity

Mission Statement

  “Through lottery, help and support the elderly, people with disabilities, orphans and those in need. Help and support the young through education and sports. Abiding by the principals of fairness, justice, transparency and integrity.  Whilst following the strategy of duty of care and corporate social responsibility, protection of minors and striving for technological innovation enabling rapid expansion and development, to encourage and enable more and more people to play, in a fare and safe environment”


State run lottery is the only legal form of gambling in China and due to strict regulatory environment, games are limited to paper tickets, sold in dedicated lottery shops. Online is illegal. Lottery user experience lags far behind the digitisation of China’s consumer economy. Only c.175,000 dedicated ‘betting shops’ across China, attempting to serve more than 1Bn adults, creating a bottleneck to further growth, with flattening annual sales of c.US$65Bn. Due to lack of sales outlets, current estimates are that only 4% to 10% of adults play lottery in China, compared to 57-74% in all other developed markets. No audit possible and no User data being collected, due to lack of payment and systems integration.


The market is ready for modernisation, due to heavy technology penetration of consumer digital services with massive user base. Open the market to the current excluded users to join the player community, by enabling and fully integrating the existing and fast growing UnionPay POS terminal network, to simultaneously process payment and lottery play data. In 2023 China UnionPay reached over 34million POS terminals, with 54million projected by 2025. Access and serve >1 billion adults, taking current low user rate which generated US$65bn revenues in 2019, up to global industry averages of over 50% participation rate, with a potential of generating more than US$200Bn in annual sales.


HD has developed and deployed a proprietary technology platform and patented methodology, which digitises and integrates both the method of lottery play on smartphones and payment, across all China UnionPay POS terminals. Play via WeChat mini program, or via APP download for Android and Apple, via millions of POS, in places of regular daily consumer activity, normalising the play of lottery Encouraging impulse players and satisfying regular players Acquiring millions of new users from a broader demographic, massively increasing participation rates and revenues for government, bringing China’s lottery inline with global averages. Fully auditable and transparent, with full accountability to all stakeholders, automating small prize payout. Enfranchising more sections of government and SOEs as financial stakeholders, than ever before in the lottery sector. Hui10 increases revenues for government, the issuers and charities, whilst generating valuable data on users and merchants.

Consumer Data

HD uses a data-driven approach to analyse consumer behaviour, industry trends, and competitor insights to craft content that is both informative and engaging.

CRM Tools

HD provides CRM tools and data-driven content marketing service designed to help the shop keepers increase their online visibility, attract new customers, and drive revenue growth


HD O2O Delivering online services and products to offline merchants Driving more footfall through physical bricks and mortar shops In doing so, HD acquires 100s of millions of users, generating valuable consumer data



For the first time in China, all loyalty points can be exchanged for lottery tickets. HD operates a fully integrated service for all third party loyalty program operators. From banks to airlines, supermarkets to fast food outlets, in fact for every loyalty program. HD enables our clients' customers to seamlessly redeem their loyalty points for lottery play. Due to the low cost of lottery play at 2 yuan per line (US$0.28c), customers can redeem points with high frequency, which stimulates increased visits and traffic for our clients loyalty platforms


YinLian CiaPiao

For the first time in China, lottery made available outside of the dedicated lottery shop network. HD POSLot is a total solution for merchants with a UnionPay POS terminal. HD APP embedded in UnionPay QuickPass provides seamless real-time end-to-end payments, data and financial management in a single APP for all in-person payment methods, QuickPassPay, WeChatPay, AliPay, SamsungPay etc. It also enables the retailer to sell lottery to their customers without the need for additional terminals or equipment. Lottery attracts a broad demographic thereby increasing footfall. Retailer receives 3.5% commission on all lottery sales.

POSLot User APP mini-program


For the first time in China users can prepare their lottery play in APP, on the go, anywhere, anytime. The user clicks purchase, the APP guides the user by GPS to the nearest UnionPay POS to scan the QR code, which sends the payment and betting data in real-time. The lottery ticket is printed at the POS terminal and is also stored digitally in APP. All wins under RMB50,000 are paid directly to the User's card linked to the APP

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HD PAAS brings China Welfare Lottery and China Sports Lottery to previously geographically excluded customers. It also reaches a broader demographic by normalising the play of lottery, due to making it available in areas of regular daily consumer activity

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HD enables the lottery issuers to gain a deeper understanding of their business by sharing and using our data-driven approach to analyse consumer behaviour

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